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been gone quite some time...

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but now i return
unfortunatly had some rough points and no computer...but now things are back on track and with a little luck will be adding a new chi to the dad has fallen in love (madly) with my little vixie...i mean who wouldnt lol. but now he wants one of his the search is on...
itll be nice for vixie to have someone to play with untill we move out to our own place when i can another chi baby of my own...:-D
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Welcome back...looking forward to seeing some new pic's of your little one.
Welcome back :wave: That's great that your dad wants his own chi :) I can't wait to see new pics of ur little one :)
Welcome back It's gret that your Dad wants one :lol: And that you will get another one too :wave:
Nice to see you again! :wave: I think these babies have a calming effect on hubby was determined not to really like Chi's but now he adores Poppy! :lol:
Welcome back foxy :wave:
Welcome back! :wave: I didn't even realize I missed you but in fact, I did. I mean, I had only been here a short time when you left but I remember you and Vixie quite well.

I hope you find just the right chi for your dad. They do make the best companions for sure.
thanks guys, i missed the forum and everyone (furry and otherwise) in it.

i think the biggest selling point for my dad right now is vixies desire to go EVERYWHERE.
he has a sail boat and hes tried a few time to take charlie their spaniel but were on a wet dock and its difficutl getting a large dog form the transport boat onto the sailboat...and then charlie sits there half scared from his wits, however randomly one day i took vixie to the boat with u, she LOVED the transport enjoying the see breeze on her face, was easy to just pass her up to the boat, and then she happily just hung out, first time no fear...
so he started pondering, then after all her other anticts over the last few months hes gotten very attatched...told me he wants pick of the litter, told him i cant breed her untill shes finnished her confirmation (shes at a good weight and has been okeyed by a vet right now) then told him because of vet bills and stud fees hed have to buy one like everyone else...then explained that i have to find a stud first since ct is pretty much lacking in long haired chis.
so me and mum tanked it through and im now trying to find a good quality male for dad (which he wants a male anywayz) that is akc that i can show aswell and HE (so lng as hes helathy and such) can be her stud :-D it works out for all of us...

he says women should never ba allowd to discuss things lol.
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I remember you and Vixie also. Welcome back! Would love to see new pics of your little one.
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