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Behavior problems with Annabelle - Another Update

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She has a vet appt. today at 3:00 to get a thorough exam. I just don't know if it is all emotional or if there is some underlying issue.

First of all, the breeder sold her to us when she was 6 weeks old. I know (now) that is partly to blame for some of her issues. Plus when she was a few months old she was traumatized when my sister's German Shepard tried to eat her. Then about a year ago we got Cody and a few months after that Callie. So what I have now is a little chi girl that is not happy at all and seems frightened of everything. :(

About 2 weeks ago, she hid in the corner for no reason. I didn't know if she had some sort of breakdown or if she was physically ill.

I took her to the vet and he took a stool sample but didn't really find anything wrong. He said she was acting like a dog in pain and prescribed some tummy medicine for her. It did seem to make her feel better. She was more social but still didn't seem "happy".

Well a few days ago she started peeing all over the house. It was only small amounts so I thought maybe she had some sort of infection. Either that or she was acting out. Then a couple of days ago she pooped in OUR bed! :x She is the only dog that sleeps with us. I decided then that she was sleeping with the puppies whether she had a physical problem or not. I put her in the exercise pen with them night before last. She whined until about 4AM and then settled down. We took her out a couple of times during the night and she was "sick". I don't know if it was because she was upset or not. She slept great last night with no whining. She asked to go out this morning and then went right back up to the pen.

I just don't know if I should keep the appt. today or just be more patient with her. Oh, I forgot to mention that she has been on anti-anxiety med. for several months. It did seem to be mellowing her out a bit but now this. Yesterday she didn't have any accidents in the house but did hide under the furniture for a while. Does anyone that had the patience to read all this :wink: have any suggestions or an opinion on whether I should keep the vet appt. today?
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i would keep the appt. write down every concern you have about her and have the vet address each and eery one. poor baby. what anti anxiety drug did you have her on??
I would still take her in just to be safe. Hopefully she is fine but since you have been so concerned its good to know for sure that she is okay.
Thanks guys!

luv4mygirls, she get's 2 1/2 mg of Buspirone twice a day.
I would take her and at least have her urine analyzed to rule out a bladder infection, but based on what you said it really does sound psychological. Poor girl and I know it's stressful on you. Hopefully someone here has been through this and can offer some advice.
Ah geeze! She's in that same corner again. I guess I definitely need to keep her appt.
Awww, poor little girl! I hope she's okay. I would keep the appt also. Let us know what happens. Poor thing - it must be hard for you to see her acting so differently. :(
how much does she weigh ? it probably doesn't concern the real problem ,but she looks a little overweight in this pic ?

my bf's mother has a maltese with anxiety problems too and i now he's on something like prozac :? she would always hide from fear in toilets and stuff :cry: poor anabelle !! i would keep the vet's appointment to find out what's really wrong with her ! if she sleeps with you all the time, she wouldn't have pooped without there being a problem :wave:
She has gained a little weight in the last few months. That is also one of my concerns since she isn't eating anymore than she should. Maybe it is from the medication? Or maybe she has another health issue that is causing it?

Thanks for your concern everyone. I'll let you know what the vet says.
I bet the weight gain could be from the medications because I know for humans at least it can cause weight gain and if it affects animals in the same way at all it would really be a factor in weight gain. Depression meds really slow your metabolism down so that is why you gain weight even if you don't eat more then you use too.
I would keep the appointment. I would also talk to the vet and ask him about the Buspirone. I know when I have to up my dosage or change it in some way I tend to get a little down.. It will stop working at that dose as her body gets used to it... I have uped mine twice now in just over a year....

hope youfigure something out.. poor little girl... I feel bad for her....

Good luck and God bless
This is very sad, do yourself a favor and have the liver enzymes checked too. Too many drugs can have adverse affects and not be known or get a full panel run. Ask all your questions and ask them again!! Get a second opinion too. This just breaks my heart poor thing!
Please let us know, will she come out of the corner if u coax her?
I wish you luck on your baby must be breaking your heart...and that picture of her in the corner...I just want to scoop her up :(

Keep us posted please!
I posted a big long reply and lost it. I hate it when that happens. :x

Well I don't feel like going thru all that again. I'll just say it does break my heart. :(

KB mamma, I've requested a full workup on her today. I want answers. I need answers. I want my baby girl happy again.
Just a thought ( I'm sorry if it is a stupid thought )
but have they tsted her thyroid ? I have thyroid problems
and when I got ill for the first time , I was really jumpy , nervous ,
put on weight and got really confused often ( I still get like this sometimes )
Hope she gets better soon , bless her {{hugs}}

Sara xx
Thanks Fizzy's mum! That's not a stupid thought.

I just got back from the vet and Annabelle has gained a whole lb. in 2 weeks! :shock: Plus she had a fever of 103. something and her tummy was really tender to the touch. I tried to get a urine sample before I left but she cut it off as soon as I stuck the spoon under there. :? They want me to try to get one in the morning and bring her back in. If I can't get one, they'll get one. They want to start with checking her urine. Then they'll do a tummy x-ray if they need to and bloodwork.

So something is definitely wrong with my baby girl. I just hope they can get her fixed up soon. :(
I am so sorry about Annbelle...she must be feeling pretty rotten..hopefully your vet can pinpoint the problem tomorrow. she looks so must just break your heart......Bella sends her a hug.
Annbelle , I'm sorry to hear all this :( (weight gain is a big problem too with thyroid problems) bless her heart , I know how tough it is to get samples from girls :roll: good luck for the sample tomorrow ...

How is her hair ? she losing any ? it any different from normal ?

Sara xx
I hope she will be okay. You and her are in my thoughts,

Thank you Nabi and Sara.

Sara her hair has always been a bit thin so........ I think her eyes look different. It's hard for me to explain but they look kind of swollen to me. I mentioned that to the vet too but they didn't really say anything about it. I guess they just want to start with the sample and go from there.
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