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I am thinking of investing in a belly band for Max when visit other peoples houses. At the moment I am worried to take him to places in case he decides to wee somewhere he shouldn't!

I have found a seller on etsy who has some nice looking ones. They are in the US but do ship to the UK. They do a few different types so I was just wondering if anyone who uses belly bands on their dog can give their opinions on these ones and which you think would be best?

They do the standard one which is like this:

SMALL Red Sock Monkey Belly Band Dog Diaper for Male by hatz4brats

And they do a lightweight waterproof one:

SMALL Lightweight Waterproof PUL Belly Band Dog by hatz4brats

I'm unsure which to go for! The waterproof one sounds better but is a bit more expensive..

I would appreciate anyone opinions on this!

Thanks :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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