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I guess I just don't get belly bands...

When do you use them? Constantly? Or just when you are afraid your dog may piddle (i.e. you bring him to your friends house and definitely don't want him going on their carpet)?

Do they seriously stay put? I can picture Bosco ripping the thing off or wiggling around on the floor till it slipped off.

Should you use these with puppies? I would think it would send a message that you can go whenever you want, wherever you want...

Thanks for any input!

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I have ordered 3 for my boys now .
They keep them from marking in the house.
I got them from a lady that mnakes those true to size of your dog.
Breeders use them a lot and somebody in another group really recomended those to me.

It will be very good for Montana he is always cold and has hardly any hair on his belly, this will also keep him warm.
He does not mark as much as he used to he is getting old but with the new boy now I don't know how he reacts.
The new little boy of corse is not potty trained and I am hoping this will teach him a little.
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