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Belly Rubs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it just me or does it seem to everyone else that all your chi ever wants is their belly's rubbed ????

It's so cute, everytime you bend down to pick up Henry he automatically rolls over on his back, he also does this when I yell at him and then I can't be mad anymore =)
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My mom's chi does the exact same thing. If he gets in trouble he puts his tail between his legs, makes the puppy eyes and then rolls over and covers his face with his paws like he is saying" I am sorry mom I will never do it again." And then two seconds later he is getting in trouble again. :roll:
Cooper never really rolls over for one. He likes the part under his back legs and close to his belly rubbed more.

I love the pic of Henry - it's so cute! 8)
Jasmine loves belly rubs too. When I'm petting her, she'll roll over onto her back, and if I continue to rub her head or back, she'll take her nose and nudge my hand toward her belly.
Lily loves to have her chest rubbed even more than her belly. She will wrap her little paw around my wrist to keep my hand there. And God forbid my hand should stop moving for like a nanosecond. :lol:
Sadie and Ritz are like that too..if you start stratching the belly, and move up to the neck, Sadie will take her back paws and push them back down to her belly until you hit the right spot...then she purrs like a cat and makes this funny noise...*oiiiirrrrgh?!?*
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