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Best dog food for turning one

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Isabelle is almost one and the vet said when she turns one she needs to get off of puppy food. She is now on Science Diet puppy small bites. What does everybody use for their chihuahuas? I want the best dog food for her.
Holly :D
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I love the Royal Canin Chihuahua formula, Wellness is excellent as is NeutroMax. Someone said Eukanuba is also but I'm not personally familiar with that one. I know the first three are actually better foods than Science Diet although mine ate the SD small bites puppy food for a long time as that was all he liked.
best food

go to flint river .com and check it out only one my chi will eat
Mine also eat RC chihuahua formula. They absolutely love it!
I did use SC small bites but then I was told it wasnt exactly the best dog food and that the reason vets reccommend it is because they get money every time the sell it. Does it mean its horrible for your it does mean there are better quality foods out all depends on what your dog will eat.
Charlie is 8mos and we just switched him to the RC Chihuahua food, he liked the puppy better but he's not a picky eater, its just when we mixed them together to help the change he'd eat the RC mini puppy first then the RC Chihuahua. Silly pup. I like the RC Chihuahua because it seems to be good and is formulated just for Chihuahua's needs.
Thankyou so much for your help everybody,
I guess it's going to be RC chihuahua formula then :D .. I'm not the biggest fan of Science Diet as well. My vet just reccommended it, so at the time I just figured it was really good for her. Then I started doing my reasearch on the ingredients. I love the ingredients in RC much better. Well once again thank you for sharing your info with me.

Holly :D
Zeus has been on 2 dry foods, Solid Gold and Natural Balance. Both I feel are exceptional brands. I just moved to VA and can't find Natural Balance and with the RC for Chi's, I think I'm going to gradually switch him over to that since Petsmart here just starting carrying it.
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