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Best puppy treat????

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What is a good treat i can use to train my puppies..they are very pick eaters so i am not sure what they will like>>?? Any suggestions? :lol:
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My guy likes little tiny bits of dried liver :)

( but he is a really greedy little chap and tends to eat everything he finds anyway !! :lol: )
how about tiny tiny pieces of cheese? one of our clients chi's loves cheese. (man say that 5 times fast)
luvmypuppet said:
how about tiny tiny pieces of cheese? one of our clients chi's loves cheese. (man say that 5 times fast)

Mine go nuts for cheese!!!! I only give it once in awhile.
well if you give them tiny pieces while trianing it's ok. and as far as what kind whatever they like most :) start with american cheese...

my pit bull absolutely loved feta cheese and my german short hair pointer loved all cheese especially swiss. my 5 shih tzu mixes use american.....

on occasion (for meds mostly) i use cream cheese.
Well, we use Walmart generic brand "Ol Roy" Tiny T's for treats. They look like t-bones and smell like beef jerky. So much so, in fact, that my 12 year old (and yes, she is blonde!) just *had* to taste one to see if it tasted as good as it smells. Well, to her, it doesn't but Chili loves them. Just pick up the bag and he comes running.
Cheese is a great treat, too, for training. A lot of professionals use cheese, since most dogs go nuts for it. Word of caution, of course, is that cheese is high in fat and not good all the time -especially with small dogs. Really, I would suggest just trying different things until you find the one that your pup goes nuts over.
Good luck!
hehehe Guess what I use for training treats? Cheerios! :D I think they are perfect. The dogs love them. They are tiny, inexpensive and probably not too bad for them. :wink:
mozz cheese is good for them. i dunno about some of the higher fat ones. little pieces of hot dogs might work too.

we give zoey "charlie bear" egg and cheese treats. she LOVES them. cheerios are SUCH a good idea!! i never thought of that! :)
I got some low fat, low calorie treats at my vets office that Marcus adores they are called cheese pupcorn, vaguely dog shapped treats with cheese powder (it looks like) on them, I break them into small pieces and they work great. Of course Marcus is a vacumn also and will eat anything which explains why he's on low fat treats, rofl.
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