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Sending a big, warm, furry HELLO from my pack and I! But, I think leave the licking and bum-sniffing for the dogs to do...

I'm from Canada. I am the proud mom of a 2 year old, ginger & white colored, neutered male Chihuahua mix. Originally he was from a pet store, then purchased by a family who soon felt they were "ripped off". They thought by spending $1,000 on a puppy would confirm that it would stay extra small; "shot glass" sized. Of course they were wrong and now they had a 12 lb mutt they didn't want. Luckily for the dog, I came along and fell in love instantly.

My little boy developed Vitiligo. According to the vet it could have been from the stress caused by his neuter surgery which didn't go very well. Fortunately, Vitiligo does not affect their health.

Oh, and I fed him a vet approved, homemade raw diet.

Anyways... Since our first, annual adoption anniversary will be coming up soon and he's been such a good boy I've decided to get him something he can actually see eye-to-eye with...

A female Chihuahua! OH LA LA!

It's not 100% official, yet, but I'm seriously considering to take this pretty girl in. She is a 1 year old, tri-colored, intact female Chihuahua. I don't want to say too much as I haven't met her yet, but from what I see in the pictures and the answers I've received from her current owner- it is vital that she finds a new home. In-breeding, neglect and lack of knowledge seem to be the main problem.

I'm looking forward to meeting all your Chihuahuas.

Until next time, take care!
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