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Big scare for Mia this weekend....

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On Sunday, my daughter went to take Mia outside to go potty, but came right back in asking what was wrong with Mia's coat... I looked at her and her fur was all "raised" in spots.... Well, it just kept getting worse... she looked like she swallowed a bunch of marbles...she had bumps all over her... her face was swollen and her tummy was all red...Needless to say, I freaked out....

I got on the phone with a vet and they said it sounded like she had a allergic reaction to something.... he said to give her some Benadryl... so I did... he said if it didn't clear by Monday morning to take her in to get a cortizone (sp) shot....

Well, on Monday morning she looked a little better... so I came kept giving her the doses of Benadryl and by that afternoon she looked alot better.

This morning she looks normal!!! I am so relieved...poor thing looked like a mutant or something.. The vet said there really isn't a way to pin point what she got a hold of... he said it could have been a flea bite, insect bite, mites, or she ate something... Still not sure what it was, I am just so glad she is ok... it really scared me.

Has anyone else ever experience this with their Chi's before???
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Traci - I bet you were worried sick , im really glad mias better now :wave:

I know how scary that can be....with Gizmo's last set of shots, about 4 hours later his head/face began to swell...until you couldn't even see the space between his forehead and know they have like a 45 degree angle in that area...well it was level! and he was hot...I was scared outta my witts...

so I know how you feel...I keep kids benadryl in my pantry now...just in case...

So glad to hear your baby is better....!!! :thumbleft:
Yes, Clare, I was....

I called my husband - crying and hysterical - "Hurry, come home we have to take me to the hospital" - saying that now sounds funny!! LOL

He was like..."Calm down... get a vet on the phone... and I will be home in a few minutes"

Then I called the vet, my mom, and then my best friend. LOL

I was just so scared... Did you ever see the Gremlins?? When they get wet and all the bumps start forming and the other things pop out... that's what Mia looked like - FREAKED me out...... My husband says (trying to lighten things up and make me laugh) Well, if we have a bunch of little Chi's in the morning we will know why! - Turkey!!!! lol
Gremlins...hehehe...I've had three people tell me that Charlie looks like a Gremlin.

I'm so glad Mia is all right. That would be so scary!
Awww...poor Mia. I'm glad she's feeling better and her bumps are all gone. I would have been a wreck too!
Its sounds very much like the symtems (sp?) my staff got when she was allergic to something in the park, i think it was a bush. Its quite common in staffs to come up with loads of spots when they have an allergic reaction, it looked like well yeh marbles and seeds or nuts :x under her skin,
havnet heard of it in chis though?!
How scary So glad Mia is OK I would have been ready to rush to the vet too :shock:
Yikes!! That would freak me out too! So glad that she's better!
Hey that was a freaky thing! So glad shes better now though!!
Only once did Sturgis have on eye swollen from outside I put warm compresses on it and kept flushingit out by the next day it was back to normal. Im not quite sure what happened to him it hasnt happened again. It Scared the willikens outta me but when i had seen the compresses and flushings were working I wasnt as scared
My goodness!! I would have totally "freaked" too!!! That is scary! Good thing you had some Benadryl. That stuff is great and works quick too. I use it on Bruiser when he gets really bad "reverse sneezing" attacks. :( I'm so glad everything is o.k. :D
Oh man, I'd have freaked for sure. Sounds like Benadryl is something I should keep in the house. You guys know what an appropriate dosage would be? And is it children's Benadryl or is there only one type? I will buy some tomorrow.

So glad our little Mia is okay. :)
jlcase said:
Gremlins...hehehe...I've had three people tell me that Charlie looks like a Gremlin.

I'm so glad Mia is all right. That would be so scary!
Right after I got Jasmine last year, all my family started calling her Gremlin!

I'm glad Mia is o.k. now. I keep children's benadryl in my medicine cabinet too.
I am glad to hear that she is better now! :wink:
That has happened to both Annabelle and Callie. Callie had a severe reaction to something and we had to take her to the emergency vet. He gave her a cortizone shot. Her entire face and ears swelled. Her ears were so swollen that they wouldn't stand up. It was very frightening. Even after the cortizone shot it took a while for her ears to come back up. The vet said it was a good thing we brought her in because at the very least, her ears could have been damaged from the swelling and not ever gone back up. :shock:

Annabelle's reaction to whatever was not as severe plus we had experience with Callie and knew to give her Benedryl. It did take a while to figure out the dosage because the vet wouldn't tell us without seeing her. I finally called my mom who is a retired nurse.

Rachael I'm sorry, I don't remember the dose. :?

I'm glad Mia is all better now. Tell her not to scare you like that again. :wink:
What a terrible scare for you and Mia.....thank goodness you had the Benadryl in the house....I am going to buy some tomorrow ! I glad to hear she is feeling alright now.
Thanks guys!! :wave: She is doing great!!!

I only had the disolving Children's Benadryl tablets.... so the Vet said to give her 1/3 of the tablet... said it would it hurt her .... she didn't like it at all... so i crushed it until it was like powder and put it on her tongue (that was fun!) then she had to swallow!! LOL
OH wow. I would have been freaking out for sure!!! I'm glad to hear she is doing better. Too bad there wasn't some way to figure out what made her do that.
Our Nina has had this happen on three or so occasions. We keep a bottle of Children's Benedryl on hand at all times because of this.
They have never been able to pinpoint the exact cause, in her case we are sure it was something she ate each time. One time she may have gotten a small piece of chocolate. Other than that we aren't clear as to what caused it.
She responds to one dose, that is 3 ml of the Benedryl, and we have never had to give her a second dose, or had to get her the cortisone shot. But I can always tell when it is coming. She starts to shake, then sometimes vomits, then the spots start coming out.
Very very scary times.
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