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Big Scare

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I took Smidgen and Chassis in for there shots on Saturday morning, and about an hour later little Chassis was having a bad reaction ! She is so small, 2.7 lbs. Her little face was all swullen up and she had whelts on her and I had to rush her to emergency. They gave her a shot of anti flamitory. I tell you we were never so worried about her. Smidgen had a slight reaction, I could tell she didn't feel well, but she didn't have any swelling. I asked the vet why Chassis would have such a reaction and he said that they should have given her less of a dose, and not a 6&1 and a rabbies all in one day.. I took thenm to the Humane Soc. for there shots.. I guess I won't do that anymore...
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oh poor little things , i have heard about this a lot and tysons breeder warned me about it and said u may wanna ask for half a dose but my vet wont do that will only give full doses , luckily tyson was ok prob cos hes not small he is 4lbs ! :D

i hope they are feeling better now :wave:
That is exactly what happened to Poco when he got his shots. His eyes and cheeks sweeled all up and his ears flopped over for the first time ever the vet said to give him benadryl and he was fine after that. He's not small either he's just sensitive, he always gets sick with shots.

I hope they feel better right away.
I've had chihuahuas that did that over the years and it always scared me. Benedryl is what my vet had me give them. :lol:
I'm just glad that everyone is okay! I LOVE the name Smidgen, too. That's a great way to avoid a common name while describing a chi perfectly!
pff what a scare that must have been :? ....i read something bad about the humane society today on this site ,but i think it was in canada...

i hope they both feel better soon :wave:

kisses nat
Thank's everyone

For your thoughts, we were very worried about Chassis. When I called the vet and asked about giving benadryl, they wouldn't tell me what or how much to give. I call a different vet to take her to emergency. He told me she would take about 1 mg of it. I didn't want to take any chances and took her right in. But now I am afraid to have there shots done again when it is time. I thought I was a wreck, you should have seen my husband. He is sooo attached to her...
Beth -
now I am afraid to have there shots done again when it is time
:( I bet you are , it must be awful for you. I am sure lots of people on here will have lots of tips and things to help you for next time
Glad to hear your little one is frightening for you !
What an awful experience for you and your babies. :( I hope they're OK now. :wave:
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