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I haven't posted pictures for a while, so I'm making up for it now :D

These were taken a few mornings ago. Holidays get boring, and I have to wait a whole week until I go back to school. Soo, I was bored and was watching the doggehs. Bindii seemed to be atttacking Pepi when he was playing with his toys, then it ended up as a game. Lillie is much too 'mature' to play, so she just watched. In advance, I appologize for the ammount, and sizes xp

"Oh, what's that noise?"

"Where did Pepi go?"

"It feels like he's behind me."

"There you are!"

"I am queen. So I get a throne."

"Tehe, she doesn't know I'm behind her."

"Quick, gimme the toy while she aint looking!""

"I stick my tongue out at you."

"I hope I get it first."

"I need to pee. I better go outside before some one catches me."


"Let go!"

"I said, let go!"

"Bah! He pushed me!"

"Now I fell over, great."


"Look Mummy, I finally got the fuzz ball."

"Grr - No one beats me at tug-o-war."

"Get your own toy!"

"I'd much rather be here, then there."

:D Enjoy!

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LOL! Thanks :wave:

A lion? Hm, she never got that before xD Her left paw has a perfect mitten on it. It's such a straight line of white-ness. lol -random-
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