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Is Birmingahm ok for you

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  • would rather go somewhere else (please state where)

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Birmingham or somewhere else

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Ok guys so far weve only mentioned brum to met so just say yes or no so we can get an idea
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its only not appropriate for me because im young but when im older i will definately come.
deano says awww though lol! :roll: :lol:
I think we should meet in Inverness...................................Just kidding :D

Birmingham is ok for me, really anywhere around there is fine, Nottingham, Stafford, Chester, even Sheffield.
Anyplace around the middle will be good.
Iona your so funny lol :shock: wheres inverness.. what bus goes that way lol
The top end of Scotland pretty much, north of Loch Ness.

Forget Inverness, we should hold the UK meet in my garden.
I'll go make plans.........


I live in the middle of nowhere, I doubt anyone would ever get here even with a map.

We need another poll, for time of year.
Ive been to Loch Ness - and yh everyhouse is in the middle of no where! they are like on a hill and no where else is to be seen lol! :lol:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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