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biting everything.

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for the past few days Mia has been biting everything.
my shoes, my fingers, blankets, her food bowl...
seriously.... EVERYTHING!
i know puppies like to bite stuff,
but this seems out of hand.
and it hurts!
do you guys think this much biting is normal?
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I believe that it is normal. But things that she shouldn't be chewing, fingers, shoes etc., let her know right away and take it from her. :wave:

I think every puppy is different and go through stages where they bite alot and not to mention teething is a big issue for biting. I would suggest stating a firm NO! and then removing finger, shoes, etc.. and replacing with a chew toy or other toy for entertainment. :wave:
Hey Yoshismom, you and I posted at the same time! How do you like the way we did "finger, shoes etc."? :lol:
i have thought about teething....
but she is only about 11 weeks old,
that kinda seemed too soon for teething.
posting at same time

Yep! I noticed that, a little eerie huh :lol:

Yes I think 11 wks may be to young for teething. It is probably just a playful puppy stage. But be sure to nip it in the bud now. My Yoshi will not bite me but he does not respect my daughter and no matter what she says or does he goes into playful attack mode. We are still working on this :)
thank-god its not only me! tyson is like that too. he really hurts when he gets my hands and he does it to my boyfriend all the time. We tell him no and get one of his toys but if he doesnt want the toy he will keep going for your hand. I just keep on saying no and play with his toys finally he stops.. its horrible i understand wat ur going through its very frustrating!! :wave:
Gizmo stops now with a firm no....but when he was younger I gave or hubby a warning no...if he did it again...he went in his basket and we would say again no biting! and we turned our backs to him and ignored him for about a minute....

Then we would resume play with one of his MANY toys...if he did it again, same thing...he finally figured it out...and now nibbles playfully...but as soon as we say No biting Gizmo!!! He licks you, like...Oh i'm sorry I me???

don't let them get away with it because those puppy teeth will eventually be adult teeth...

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