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Does anyone have a biting problem with their chi?? Mine is 3 months old and his biting is out of control! help??!!
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he's still a puppy :D give him some chewtoys ....and he will be very happy
they like to chew when they are so young. but make it obvious what he is allowed to chew and what he is not allowed to chew (like hands or furniture etc)

kisses nat
chew toys don't seem to matter...when he tries to chew on my hands and i say "no bite" and pull them away, he lunges at them and bites. he gets so riled up, he lunges when you pull your hands away,he bit me in the lip yesterday. i guess its just excess energy, but hes always biting, and doesnt want chew toys... :oops: im just a little stressed about it. you would think a 2lb dog would be easy to control :lol: no chance!!
Jasmine was also a nibbler when she was younger, and sometimes those bites hurt with those sharp little teeth. I would tell her "no bite" and give her a chew toy and if she did it again, I put her in her crate for a time out-only about 5 min. or so. Then, I would take her out, and if she nipped again, back in the crate she went. It took a while, but she finally realized that biting was not acceptable behaviour. I think all puppies like to bite and chew, some more than others. Now, I am having problems with her nipping at my ankles and feet when I am walking around the house. Someone on this forum suggested using a squirt gun, and I finally remembered to buy one at Walmart yesterday and I'll try this method.
I have the same problem with Pearl, and wrote about the ankle biting. I took the good advice offered on this board and used the squirt gun. It worked like a charm on the feet! I also have the hand biting problem, and when she starts that all I have to do is reach for the squirt gun and she stops. It hasn't stopped altogether though, but the problem is improving.
have you tried chewtreats instead of toys? like pigears etc.......

kisses nat
We dealt with this in both our pups, mouthing while playing especially. When your chi uses its teeth on you, put them in a submissive position on their back, and hold their mouth closed while firmly saying "NO". After a few rounds of this Ritz and Sadie realized we didn't like it too much.

Another thing you can try is to place a muzzle on them for a short period whenever they bite. I've known this to work effectively for barking as well.
My 3 month old is nuts. o.o She is always biting me. Constantly, my toes/fingers anything is in her mouth. I have scartches all over my hands from Bindii >P But she is gorgeous and its cute when she causes me pain. lol
Gadget was also a chewer... I tried everything and it didn't work.. one day he got me good nad I flipped him over on his back and told him no chew and when he started to chew on my hand I said no chew until he started licking my hand.. well that worked for a few days and then ha started up again so I flipped him over on his back but instead of saying no chew I say CHEW BAD and it worked... now all I have to do when he starts chewing on my is chew bad and he will stop.. it id take a few weeks of doing this to get him to stop... be consistant tho...

He does this funny little bark (his mommy play with me bark) and he used to chew on my chin.. I got him to finally stop chewing on my chin.. but he still does his cute little mommy play with me bark...

good luck and god bless
Martini was totally like you described until I read on here about either flipping them on their back or holding them out in front of you with their legs unsupported. It freaks him out and he realizes I'm in charge, and he stops biting. We always give him a "No bite!" warning first and that usually stops the bad behavior. If he keeps at it, he gets held out for 2-3 seconds.
we are still working on this little problem with chiwi. right now the toe chomping has stopped but she still wants to chew fingers when she is playing (and she even tries to sneak one in while licking your finger! and my favorite is when she just wakes up and is yawning real big i pet her under the chin and she slooowly moves her yawning mouth down and "accidently" gets my finger in there lol!) chiwi's nickname:
land shark :shock:
haha that is funny since at the hospital everyone calls chihuahuas land sharks. "Land Shark in room one, someone go get Nate!"
ilovesadie said:
haha that is funny since at the hospital everyone calls chihuahuas land sharks. "Land Shark in room one, someone go get Nate!"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D that's just too funny ........

kisses nat
lol chiwi has a new nickname! given last night by one of the receptionists:

miss mouth.

she got her with the lick lick lick chomp! :lol:
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