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Boomer wants to show you his shirt. He is so proud!
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Oh good grief that's too much cuteness :)
OMG it is uch a good job you put a warning with that pic - he is such a hunk of love i so wanna squeeze him lol
Wow!!! He is the cutest "little chocolate kiss" I have ever seen!!! :wink:

He is guilty of cuteness in the first degree. He is insanely cute. He is almost too cute to be real. :love4:

BTW, Lily has that same shirt but hers is trimmed in green. :)
Cooper said:

Sheryl?? wake up!! Somebody bring the smelling salts! ( i think she fainted!)
Awwwwww, cute, cute, cute. Answer - No it makes you look adorably cuddly and cute! :p Just too gorgeous for words. :lol:
how freakin cute!

i love the shirt saying! reminds me of chiwi's pics and she always looks like she is asking if the clothes make her butt look big!
Whew ... even the cute warning wasn't enough for me!! I just want to eat him up!!!
Boomer is really cute with his shirt makes him look thin :)
Cooper said:
Whew ... even the cute warning wasn't enough for me!! I just want to eat him up!!!
Believe me,,, it's hard to keep the lips off him. Actualy it's impossible. He has finally gotten used to the "nyum nyum nyum" :D i do on the side of his face every time i pick him up. I think he thought i was trying to bite him at first !
He is just cute cute cute. Look great in your shirt :D
Aww !! He is so cute :love7: Love the little shirt but from the expression on his face he doesn't seem to :lol:
oh my god.. how cute could he be? AWWWW,, his coloring is just beautiful
OMG He is adorable in that shirt!!!!!!! I wish I could get Angel to wear one but she just doesn't like em. LOL Actually she will tolerate it but she will follow me around looking at me like, "Can we take this off now, mommy??" :D
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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