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Bosco and Lola - Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

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After we took Bosco and Lola for a walk/run they were panting like crazy! I love the first picture of handsome little guy is smiling for the camera! (Don't mind me panting myself in the last photo - LOL)



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Oh those pictures are so cute. They do look a bit too hot though. I'm ready for this heat to break and so are my boys, LOL.
lol theyre so lovely. Yes I find myself copying my pup when he yawns lol or twitches or something! :D
What adorable hot babies They are so cute We are ready for cooler weather too
They are so cute! I love Bosco's face! Lola's ears never stood up? I think she looks so cute with them floppy! :wink:
OMG!!!!!!!!! Long over due Anna and way way too cute!! You pant very well. :wink:
haha i love those curly panty tongues. theyre the best! very cute pictures and chis!
Oh what cuties. I love the first picture of Bosco! It suitable for framing! :D
Wonderful pics Anna....I cant believe how little Lola has grown!! :D
They are so cute... but get those kids some water! LOL

Cooper and I went out for a bit today - it was about the same temperature as the surface of the sun and he started panting ... I kept trying to get him to drink water but he wouldn't... so I stopped off at the coffee shop, got myself an iced mocha and I took him to the little fountain and tossed him in. :D He stopped panting really fast... I stuck my hand in there and it was pretty cold, considering how hot it was outside!! LOL
awww they are both adorable!!!! awww! :D
Great pics Anna - lola is so tiny - I love the last one :lol:
KB mamma said:
You pant very well. :wink:

Thanks for the compliments guys...Bosco and Lola are over here blushing! :D I had been meaning to take pictures for quite a while now of them panting because they look like they are smiling when they do that. ;)
you have such adorable cuties !!! i love bosco , he looks so different in your siggy

btw i think your cute too

kisses nat
Aww I've missed pictures of Bosco and Lola! I too love when they pant. Those curled tongues are so cute!! How old is Lola now? I just love her slightly floppy ears! Too cute!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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