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Bosco is sick!

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I don't know what is wrong with Bosco. This morning, I woke up and went out to visit him and Lola. Usually he does this happy dance that cracks me up...and he always (while dancing) grabs a toy and brings it to me. It is so sweet. This morning he just laid in bed. He eventually got up, briefly...and then went back to bed. He did not eat any breakfast. When my husband woke up an hour or so later, Bosco acted the same way, and puked.

I came home from work to find that he had puked more...and after arriving home he puked 3 more times. Those three times were just white fizzy stuff.

He will not eat, he will not drink (even if I put water on my finger and hold it up to his mouth.) He just lays. This is SO not like him. Even when he has been sick before, he has never been like this. I can't for the life of me think of what he may have ate to make him sick like this!

Oh - and his coat feels greasy and his face looks a LITTLE puffy, but not puffy like when he had an allergic reaction.

Should I wait and see how he is in the morning? Or go to the emergency vet? What could be wrong?
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Me personally I would get to ER or Vet with some diseases or viruses timing is of the essence
Oh Anna Im sorry baby Bosco is poorly - my advice based on his symptoms and the fact hes not drinking is too take him to the ER vets immediately he may need an IV :wave: good luck and kepp us posted
I hope it is nothing serious. I think I would go to the emergency vet also. You don't want to take any chances.
Update us soon :(
I wouldn't wait because if its something serious like a bowel obstruction waiting would kill him. Please let us know :(
I'm so sorry Bosco is sick :( I hope it is just something disagreeable that he ate please let us know
Poor Bosco. I too would take him to the ER especially if his gums aren't pink (white is alarming). Also, a sign of dehydration would be if you scrunch the top of his neck gently and the skin doesn't go back down. Please let us know how he's doing. Poor little guy :(
yes get him in as soon as possible. poor baby, i hope he feels better soon! if he isn't eating or drinking he risks becoming dehydrated so he needs to be on iv fluids.... does he have a fever? the white fizzy stuff is just stomach "juices" since he doesn't ahve anything in his system to vomit up. he may even have tinges of red in his vomit since the stomach wretches and tries to push things out and there is nothing to push out blood vessels get broken.
:cry: im so sorry that your bosco is sick. If it were me and bosco has had all shots and you know he ate nothing poisonous i would give him a little pepto bismo 1 tsp. and if not better by morning call the vet.
Poor Bosco! :( I would take him in too. Update us!!!
Poor little bosco... I hope it isn't serious....
On no I am sorry Bosco isnt well. I agree I would take him in as soon as possible!
Please let us know how little Bosco is doing. I will keep him in my prayers!
Oh no, poor Bosco :( I'll keep in in my thoughts and prayer. Please let us know how he is.
Poor little guy...hope all is ok and keep us posted..and try not to worry (although I know thats so difficult) :(
oh no i hope nothing serious is wrong with bosco .....i hope he gets better soon !!!

kisses nat
OH ANNA :shock:
I could not get on last night due to bad storms, please let us know how Bosco is :(
Any update on Bosco? I would also take him to the vet if I were you. I hope it's nothing serious! I'm sending good thoughts your way.
Sorry everyone, no real update yet...we got him to eat a couple pieces of food later in the night and I also put an ice cube up to his mouth which he licked a little bit. Karl stayed at home today & if he is not better by this afternoon than a vet visit will be necessary. :(
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