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Boy Names...

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Okay well I want a girl Chi, but since it will be up to my DH cause he is the one with the allergies he says he gets to name him. So I would like to give him a few ideas... He wants to name it Ren.. from Ren and Stimpy and I said NO! Ladies... Gents... help me!
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im a bit confused.. yu want a girl and yu want us to give yu boy names? lol :? Well.. I like the name Sam or Riley for a boy :D

and whats DH mean? :oops:
I would prefer a girl chi, but my DH wants a boy chi... so I have to get boy names..

and DH means Darling Husband or Dear Husband..
do you remember that show called chips?? it was a cop show awhile back........ well, i was saving this name if i ever got a boy chihuahua but have decided that chiwi will be my only (i'm a chi fan but don't limit myself to one breed, my next will be a boerboel but when i get a house of my own with a huge yard cause they are huge dogs. don't get me worng i love my chi girl but i want the pleasure of getting to share my life with one of all my fav breeds...) ok the name i was going to call my boy chi is: Ponch named after the cop from chips :D
Oh I remember that movie.. and I am loving that name... Thanks!
I like that too... I like it because it is unique and has a good association... :D Clever...I remember watching Chips.... Hope your husband will go with something you like too.

One of my college roommates had a cat named "Stimpy" because her mom said her brother could name the cat...that name never really fit him.
Well, I don't have any males, but if I did - these would be my choices....

and DUDE

Yes, DUDE, LOL - My son loves Finding Nemo and when we went to pick out our new puppy (MIA) there was this male Chi, and he was just all over my son. The owner said he was a real goober! Kinda goofy I guess, anyway, my son wanted him and had already started calling him D-U-D-E......
I was so sad when I had to leave him, cuz I had already told him I wanted a female and the male had already been reserved by someone else. :cry:
Anyway, there is my 2 cents!!! LOL
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