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Hey girls!

Since my sweet Halyee is in heaven... I got no one to wear hear raincoat, pink and flower leads and collars... :cry:

And my Bentley doesn´t have a cute boy harness.
That needs to change :wink:

Where are the harness artists, that would send me one ALLLLLL the way to Germany???? HUH?! :wave:


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First, just wanted to say "sorry" again about Halyee. That was so unfortunate.

Second, CONGRATS on Bentley! He is such a doll.

Well, I make harnesses for boys and girls.... the boy harnesses are $20 and $30 with a matching leash. I have not shipped anything to Germany, but I have shipped a package to Scotland. I will be shipping a package to Belgium soon, too. So, I am sure it wouldn't be a problem. Anyway, if you would like more info. just send me a pm or....

email me at [email protected]

Thanks, Traci
I´ll write ya!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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