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Boy's harness on sale at Petco!! (with pics)

For the boy chi's who wants an extra harness, Petco has their blue harness sizes XS and S on sale at the stores. It's not available online. Regular price is $24.99, on sale for $5.99. It's a step-in harness with adjustable velcro and strap. No need to go over the head.

Here's the link to the pink one, unfortunately pink is not on sale PETCO Pink Reflective Sport Harness at PETCO

I got Hershey an XS... I know, I know she's a girl, but for five bucks?! :)

Mummy!! I look wediculous in dis!! Am a gurl, and dis is still big for me!! :mad:

I'm not gonna sleep until you pwomise not to put me on the blue harness again!! :foxes15:
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