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boys or girls?

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just wanted to know if there was a difference in the behaviour depending on the sex or are they both the same? i dont mind either as i dont intend to breed, but im just curious as to if the sex makes a difference :D
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There are hardly any differences. The only one I've really noticed is that boys seem to have a tendency to eat more things they shouldn't. Otherwise, they are both sweet, cuddly, loving.
Could there also be a difference in aggressiveness.. I mean since you intend to breed them that would mean they are not fixed.. So maybe males might be more aggressive, although it also must depend on the Chi's personality aswell.
oh no no, you must of misread, i dont intend to breed, i just want one as a pet :)
I own one of each, and in my experience the males are more protective and also more attached to their owner. Other than that, they seem about the same - both are hilarious and oh-so-cute. :D
Lol.. Sorry about that... I tend to speed read sometimes :lol:
I agree with KB boys are more protective and more fussy they love to nlick etc where girls are just as loving but sit nicely on your lap lol well thats just the differences in my 2 :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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