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So we've had our little Pico for 4 months now and he is really making some progress!
We got a new hallway gate so that we can leave both dogs in the hall/laundry room together when we are not home. This has helped Pico tremendously. He is housebroken but would pee everytime we left him. Now that he can stay with his big sister, Gilda, no more peeing! He does still shred anything he can find including their dog bed. He will leave bully sticks and stuffed kongs all day but will shred anything he can reach...
Today, He was alone in the hall/laundry room because Gilda visits kids in the hospital. He howled and carried on but 3 hours later when we got home, no pee AND nothing shredded!!
What a good boy Pico! :hello1:
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