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brand spanking new

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Hey! I'm new here and a soon to be new Chihuahua owner. My boyfriend has bought me my first Chi and we are impatiently awaiting his arrival. He should be here by friday afternoon! I attempted to make the photo I have of him my avitar but I was probably unsuccesful.

:wave: Hi!
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hi and welcome!!! :wave: looking forward to seeing pics of you baby!
Hi and welcome :wave:
Hey, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Welcome! HAve you named your new furbaby yet?
I have indeed! I decided I'd like to call him Dickie however some people may not be as appreciative of the name so I've settled on calling him Dixon.
:wave: :wave: Welcome to the board. Dixon is a beautiful name! Make sure you post pics when you bring him home! :)
That's a really good name! I liked Dickie though, it was really cute, but I can see why you changed it :wink:
welcome :wave: dixon is a nice name, and you can call him dickie for short :)
Hello & welcome Can't wait to see pics of Dixon :wave: guys are all so sweet! I'm so happy I came aboard!
I loved Dickie, my first thought was Trickie Dickie, then I saw Dixon and thought of Nixon which I guess went with the Trickie Dickie. I must be a republican deep down inside :)

Both names are great .. I've loved some of the names that I've come across on this board.

Welcome Stevie (which is also a cute name), I am new here myself and have spent countless hours pouring over information, articles and photographs that have been submitted. There is a lot of information here for the picking. :wave:

:oops: I just figured out how to ues the emoticons
Welcome.......looking forward to seeing some pic's of Dixon.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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