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brandee first day home

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awwwwwwwwwwwww isnt she the cutest!!!! awww i love her!
:shock: OMG - That needed a "Too Cute Warning". SHe is just beautiful. Love her bag and her bed!! Both are great.... where did you get them (if you don't mind me asking :wink: )

TOO CUTE!!! Congrats :wave:
What a beautiful darling little girl. She is just precious. I love her bed and bag too.

She is adorable!!!!! What do Bebe and Bowie think of her?! How cute!!! :D Congrats!!! :wave:
they are checking her out but brandee is seperated with them now as she has not had her pup vaccine yet..they will have plenty of time to play with her later for sure. :lol:
What a beautiful little girl!!! I love her coloring!
OMG...she's adorable. I love her bedding also.
She is just fabulous!! Love her bed and her little bag! I also have three Chi's....three is good!! :cry: Will be looking forward to more pictures of her! :D

Oh she's beautiful, just beautiful. I love her. What a perfect little girl. Does the place you bought the bed from do international sales? LOL sorry, but that is so cute.
She's sooo cute!! Do you prefer long-coated chihuahuas? I notice your other babies have long coats as well! :D
omg :shock: i'm jealous !! she's so freakin'cute !!!!

kisses nat
She is stunning! I wish you decades of chi love. :)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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