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Hey everyone!
We just fell in love with the breed of the chihuahuas.
And anytime our puppy will be born, we cant wait to fly to America and pick it up. :clock: :grommit:
But before it arrives, we want to get everything ready and get informed.

Hope I´ll have a good time here and I´m welcome!

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welcome. be sure to send us pics of your baby!!
ashlee & mimi
Aww! I have just bought my very first Chi, and i absolutely adored him to bits and miss him every minute of the day (he's on my knee now!) hope you enjoy the message boards, i'm working my way through them but im not much help having not much experiance with Chi's although im working my way through every book possible! lol! Be warned though these boards are highly addictive! have fun!
Faye :wave:
WELCOME!! Wow - you have to come a long way to pick up your furbaby! You will be so glad you got a chi - in my opinion, they are the best! So cute, smart and loving.

I think you will love this forum - I know I do. This is a very friendly and supportive place, with lots of good advice. Keep us posted, and post pics as soon as you can. We love pics. :wave:
Thank you guys!
Sounds great.

@chimom: Jap, we have to fly about 15-19hours 8)
But, I am absolutly sure its worth it!!!
My husband is American, so we will be in the US anyways.
Then our familiy has two california Rog and our puppy :wink:
Hey, how are ya? Welcome to the forum! :wave: :D
Welcome ! Look forward to seeing your new travel mate !
:wave: :wave: Welcome to the board!
Hello & welcome I'm sure you are anxious to get a baby and we can't wait to see pics
Yes, I am really really excited!
I´m getting things ready here, just like if I was to have a "real" baby soon :oops: :roll:
I am running around all so many things I still wanna get for my baby chi. My daughter keeps talking about our chihuahua :lol:

I am looking for real cute collars and leases, beds and toys...
Somebody gotta nice link for me???

Gosh, ...
What part of California will you be in? If youa re in Southern California you can do all your puppy shopping locally! PM me for store names and locations.
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