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Brave puppies!

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Hi everyone! I have a little story about my Chis that I wanted to I was walking them around the neighborhood. It was Faiths first walk because she has finally grown enough to wear a harness. Well, she was prancing around acting like she was on top of the world and loving it.

Just before we get back around to our house there is a large section of the road where there is nothing but woods, and on the side of the road we came up on a racoon. I've always been told how dangerous and aggressive they can be so I picked the puppies up and tried to hurry by. As I was passing it though it started to snarl and came towards us. In the moment I must have loosened my grip on Faith because she jumps out of my arms and runs towards the raccoon. She was growling and barking at it like I had never heard her do before. I kept trying to get her back to me without letting Buffy down who was barking at this point too.

I don't know if they actually scared the raccoon away, or if it just decided we weren't worth the trouble, but it went back into the woods. I was so upset because all that I had been thinking was that Faith could have gotten herself killed, but who can stay mad at a brave little puppy who was protecting her mom and sister? :)
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Faith deserves a nice treat after being so brave and saving mom and sis LOL...that's a good example of how these little one's don't realize that they are...little !!.... LOL We have lot's of raccoon's here...they can be nasty and very aggressive...I always am on the alert for them when Bella is outside.
What a brave little pup! But I think you got lucky this time!
It is said that racoons only attack if they have rabies, but I don't believe that. We have racoons around here, and they have a nasty reputation of killing cats. My vets cat was one of the casualties.
They come in my yard, mostly at night and get in the trash, but I have seen them during the day too. If they are out there, I do not take the girls out.
If I were you, I would avoid them from now on. You might not be lucky twice.
But this is just my opinion.
I like racoons as far as wildlife goes, I think they are very interesting and cleaver creatures.
What a brave girl. Sometimes though I think it's complete shock on the part of the animal they are after that saves a chi. Sort of like "my eyes must be playing tricks on me, nothing that small would attack something my size"
Trust me...I want nothing more than to avoid situations like this one. I was so scared of the darn thing. I was screaming and trying to get Faith back over to me by pulling on the leash...Its one of those moments where it only took a few seconds, but it seemed to go on forever. I feel very lucky that no one was hurt because had it come down to it I would have done anything I could to save my pup. I can't have children and my pets are my kids, so I hope that I would have found the courage to fight back.

Im greatful that it didnt come down to that though. I talked to my fiance last night about it and he said considering the time of year she could have been protecting her young possibly and didn't like us coming so close. He says he has seen a racoon in that area a lot lately. Needless to say we will be avoiding that area on our walks from now on. It just happened to also be one of the few days I didn't have their BIG brother with me. He was too lazy to walk, but I usually have my wolf/husky/shepard mix with me as well....he I'm not so worried about if he were to have to be in that situation
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