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the case of the squeely chihuahua is solved. and its aboslutly nothign to do with her body...
let me explain.

i have seizures. but my seizures arnt like those most peple have, there is no convlsing or muscular clamping.
instead during a large seizure i completly freeze and balck out...its happend a few times where ill be crossing a road and the world will go black and ive been told its as if time stopped, i just dont move at all, these episodes can last seconds or minutes, and as you can see, can be very dangerous.
now officially i qualify for a seizure alert or seizure aide dogs, but these dogs are very hard to train as alerting to a seizure is something a dog must naturaly do (only 2% of dogs alert to the change of chemicals) any dog however can be trained how to awake a freeze seizure patient, but are very difficult to find. and very expensive)
now i shall continue, i also have minor seizures, in which my either my body or a part of my body will start to shake these can be as unnoticable as if im shivering. however its a good sighn that a freeze will follow in the next 24 hrs. and the shakes arnt something you notice unless you actually see the body shaking (ie hands)

well i was just this past hour sitting on the couch and my leg started shaking, i didnt notice, vixie doveup onto the couch like a jackrabbit and jumped on my leg, she started digging and whining at my leg untill she got frustrated and uneasy, she climbed on me and this is when i noticed my leg shaking, ahse was squealing and crying and this time lay on my chest and kept rolling over and licking my face, nipping my fingers and pulling my clothes. and as soon as my leg stopped shaking...she was back to her normal playfull self.

im AMAZED. this very truly looks like seizure alret behaviour. she was acting a little uneasy for id say around 15 mins before she dove on me so obviously senced it comming (the chemical change happens aprox 15-20 mins before a seizure)
see what amazes me is that one this behaviour is still conisdered rare. and usually an alert dog doesnt realy show drastic alerts untill there aprox 2 yrs old. and the bond between the dog and its person has to be extreem because the dog must be very familiar wiht the chemical scent of its person in order to pick up the very subtle changes in chemical levels.
again this bond usually takes years to form ( a seizure alert dog must be trained by the seizure patient so this bond forms) and its not uncommon to see 2 and 3 yr old dogs just starting to show sighns after being wiht their person for those years of its life...vixie has been in my homefor only 4 months now... and has had no prompting...but when i asked my sister she said my hand loked a little shakey this morning....
so ladies and gentlemen, we might have a chi prodegy on our hands, and i might have the seizure dog ive always needed! ontop of the little fury girl i love so much!

ill keep you updated...
im so excited.
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wow! i'm impressed. it does sound like the seizure alert behavior i seen on tv! is that what she was doing earlier when you thought something was wrong with her?
I am sorry you have these seizures but I am thankful that Vixie has staarted to sence them. Hopefully this will help you know when they are going to happen..
Wow That's amazing but they do have special senses :shock: :D
What a blessing! Your furbaby is the one you were meant to have. You could almost say that she is an angel sent by God to watch over you. This is wonderful news! :)
yeah i think this is what was up with her this morning, it was exactly the same behaviour, and my sister said she noticed my had was shaking a little when she started going raly nuts, and it was the exact same thing, tugging clothes, nipping my fingers, licking loud crying...

ill keep myself aware now over the next 24 hrs and be prepared for more shakes and a possible freeze and ill keep a close eye on her behaviour during this time too and see what happnes, it may yet just be a fluke, but twice in once day, the exact 'sighns' both accompanied by my shaking.

i also noticed afterwards both times she wouldnt leave my side for about 1/2 hr (which is normal recovery time for the chemicals to stabalize)

it would be interesting to see how she reacts to a freeze, she reacted prefectly for a shake, lots of noise scratching at the area, licking and nipping hands and fingers licking and nuzzling face and pulling at clothes, all things used by the dog to identify to the 'patient' that they need to be aware of something.
in a freeze the typical reaction woudl again be make lots of noise (to alert passerbys, cars ect) and protect (she has shown defencsive behaviour like this morning she actually snareled and bared her teeth at charlie and then grumbled at my sister when she was sat close by me when my sis tried to pic her up.) as well as lick ANY exposed flesh and nip at fingers, toes, and ears and lick eyes, and nose (the sensations help bring the patient round) think when your in surgery the nurse will pinch at the earlobe in order to wake you up...same kind of thing) the dog also then should protect its person for aprox 1/2 hr after an 'episode' and the person shoudl sit and relax for at least 15/20 mins.

i personally dont "suffer" from my seizures...they have their dangers of course, im always extreemly carefull about crossing streets and driving (ive noticed about 5 mins before a freeze my eyes tend to kind of glaze and shake, so i know to pull over)and i avoid driving whenever i can instead riding with frineds or parents...and i try not to go anywhere alone. either my litle sister or mother usually go most places with me, if not im with frineds...
but haveing vixie responding to this makes things soo much easier, by law once certified she can accompany me everywhere a guid dog for the blind can go (ALL service dogs have this right though must be wearing thie vest at all times. though id is NOT nessisary)
and that will definatly help me feel more secure in myself and everything around me.
ive so far learnt to live with them ive had them since i was 2 and im not 20 so ive been lucky enough to not know the difference lol. but this development might just make life so much nicer...

they think the sence of smell is responsible for the alerts some dogs can just smell the change from the norm, im so glad im so close to her so quickly that she Can sence them...its amazing, i had my doubts for a while when i was younger that such a thing was possible, but after seeing these dogs in action, its amazing...dogs truly are mans BEST friend.
and she works for kibble lol!
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and yes that little ball of mischeif is some kind of blessing, from whome im wonder sometimes, but a blessing is a blessing however you look at it, shes helped me with depression, and now this...
Aww, that's so amazing. :) Vixie is a little angel! :angel4:
maybe if you haven't thought of it yet, you should keep a journal to help document everything from her actions, your actions what you both were doing at the time and length of each "episode."
that is a very good idea, i used to keep a very strict journal, but its slacked a little as of the past few years, but now vixie seems to be alerting ill definatly keep a strict journal from now on.

and rmeber folks dog is GOD spelled backwards lol...
there is a reason for DOG being GOD spelled backwards...
First of all, you're a brave lady. I know, you've had this condition forever and you've learn to live with it and blah blah blah. :lol: But in my eyes, you're a brave lady. :)

If this is true alert behavior and not a fluke, I'd say it's all the proof you need that you and Vixie were meant to be together. I know you adore her already but that's got to make you feel an incredible bond with her.

Keep us posted because this is pretty fascinating stuff. :)
wow that is incredible, and you are so fortunate to have her as an alert!

this morning she was having her 'issues' the same mopey 'dont leave me mamma' behaviour where she follows direclty underfoot, pulls at my clothes till i pick her up and craise if i wont hold her, she even got to the point where she took a shower with me cause she jumped in the tub (though still not quite sure how, her bead barely peaks over the wall) then as i was supposed to go out she climbed on my hsoulder and cried alot. so after some debating i called my manager and told her about the behaviour and was told to bring her with since i had to be there for singing and i wasnt driving.
So vixie got to come to faire rehersal with me lol. on the ride there she slept, she always sleeps on car rides. once there she slept on my lap for a few hours before alerting me to another shaking episode. exact smae behaviour as yesterday. then around 3 i was in singing rehersal and i rember goign fuzzy, about 3 mins later i woke to vixie licking my face, and the people at rehersal just kind of looking at me...lukily i alreayd explained the situation to many of the people there (ive known alot of them for over 2 yrs) so some knew what to expect and some of the 'newbies' as we fondly call them were a little shaken and confused. one was ursing her hand. aparently while i was out one of the newer people (unaware) had actually tried to shake me thinking i was daydreaming and vixie aparently growled and snipped at her, didnot bite her but did make sure she kept her hands to herslef. and then resumed licking my face till i came to.
again this behaviour is exactly how shes supposed to act, the agression (which i might add, she has never shown ANY agression, before and only 1/2 hr after she was again playing on the floor closely supervised with one of my managers babies (1 yr 9 months) and no agression.)
however during a freeze there have been acounts of people taking advantage of the situation, many epileptics are raped during an absence seizure, and many have had things liek wallets and purses stolen during an episode.
the licking face and ears helps to bring the patient out of the state of absence.
I got to sit on the comfy couch and they got me a drink and spoiled me for a while untill i could once again sing again.

im pretty certain this is NOT a fluke have mulitple displays of the beahviours so frequent and as far as i can tell she hasnt missed a shake so far...and these will be my frist 'episodes' in 5 months so shes never seen me have an episode either...

Once i got home i called my counseler and she told me shes going to call the most local service dog traininer and evaluator and have me explain everythign to her. and she'll then decide whether or not to certify her early, this trainer will actually provide me an id card for her so that hopefully between an id and the jacket and patches i wont have the issues assosiated with having a "NONE recognized service dog"
fingers crossed aparently she will be one of only 4 chis in the country (17 chis worldwide) that are certified service dogs, and one of only 3 in the us certified for seizures. *most chis are used as alert dogs soundwise...making the most of the little dogs with big voices.*

thats the only problem wiht the seizures, its whats classifeid as an invisabel disability and having a chi as an alert dog makes things somewhat difficult sometimes cause people look at me and thing theres nothign wrong with her then look at vixie and think your kidding me right!?

so looks like i might have to get into the habit of carrying a copy of the law with me at all times lol.

thanks for the well wishes...
She truly is the most special treasure in the world and means everythign to me...and now its MORE than obvious she was the specific one meant for me!

i do still plan on getting her a friend to play with (she cant be on duty all the time she is still 9months old lol) and perhaps shell teach the newguy what to watch for too...

as much as it feels like life handed me a bad one most days, and many mornings i ownder why im even awake...seeing her little face peeking at me from the blankets every monring, just makes waking up worth it.
suppose it gives a whole new meaning to living for your dog lol.

Oh on a slightly different note, she proved the pirate pup right too..she truly is my little girl...see i play a pirate at faire, to be specific "the singing pirate rose wench foxy" lol and yes thats my official title.
well today she proved it, she trotted right up to baby kennis and took her pacifyer right out of her mouth. we laughed for a while when she brougth it right to me and dropped it in my lap, i gave it back to kennis, vixie looked at me then whent back over and took it off her again... by this time kennisses mother was rolling, kennis was purly entrawled in this game and was giggling like a trooper and vixies tail was going like again i gave kennis the pacifier, and while kennis was distracted vixie mannaged to remove her socks from her feet and steal the keys that shed been playing with right out of her hand.
tuly on miricle pirate puppy!
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:shock: your baby is a chi genius! you've both been very blessed
your little pirate is a miracle of a dog, and the story about the pacifier is so funny! =)
waaauw that is so magical !! it kinda give me the creeps !!
i'm happy vixie is there for you !!

gadget's mom ;;; that slogan is great !! :D

kisses nat
Wow, this is amazing! There really doesn't seem to be much doubt about Vixie's abilities. And that story about her and baby Kennis... too funny! :lol: :lol:
Gadget's Mom... love your new siggy with Gadget and his blankie.! :)
How wonderful for you and your precious little girl to have this magical bond..I truly believe she was sent to be your guardian angel... :)
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