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I have noticed that when Yoshi is sleeping he will breathe in and shake and then let the breath out. I know chis shake and he does alot of shaking when he is awake but is it normal to shake when you are asleep and not cold in the room?
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weird you should mention that scoot was just doing that as he was sleeping on my lap.. i don't have a solution either... and was going to post a board.. i guess the person with an anwser will beneifit us both.
Me three! I just noticed it a few days ago and he seems fine, but it's a bit scary. Hopefully someone has an answer for us.
i posted something about this when i first got bella. It freaked me out but they are just puppy dreams, i think a lot of chi's do it. Both of mine do...
lol :lol: well it looks like scoot, yoshi and alli's baby are all big dreamers.. us mommies should be VERY proud!! :D
Cooper does this thing that's so cute... he'll breathe in then breathe out and do that "woo woo woo woo woo" thing like in the cartoons when they show Bugs Bunny or whoever sleeping. He's crashed out right now and I went to take video but, of course, he's not doing it. He's a punk.
Lily will shiver even when it's hot enough to make me sweat. Do you have air conditioning on? When the AC is on I always put a blankie over her.
Yep chis love their blankies even when its hot mine still creep under them
Gadget loves his blankies but not to be covered with them when it is warm.. but he alwasy has one around... He loves pulling all his in the bedroom all over the bed.. He has like 6 of them in there..

he gets mad if I take any of them out...

he only snores.. he loves sleeping on the pillow under the window when we have a cool breeze blowin....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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