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If anyone is interested I have the price list
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Kari said:
I LOVE that fawn with white girl!
Hmm. I have all info i dunno if I can post that here ok whos on duty lol I have to speak to the head honchos
janiebabes said:
Hmm. I have all info i dunno if I can post that here ok whos on duty lol I have to speak to the head honchos
well I am here :D why cant u post it? I dont think that is wrong
Diva is sired by Ch. Weaver's JanCan Tipper Slam, out of Dragon Hills
Rosa Belle, Diva is Pending sale
her grandparents are Ch. Weavers's One and Only Tipper, Dea's Willy
Watch me Gnal
Dragon Hill's Pip Squeak, Rosa Bell W.

great grandparents are Ch. Dartan Grand Slam, Rajah's Blu Bi U,
the Westminster winner, Ch. Regnier's Whistle for Willy, Baroque's Lucky
Lucy Anno,
PappyPaw's BlackJack Joe, Dwarf W Acres Lada fon patch, Joel's Pony
and KL's Calico Kissed.

She weighs four to four and a half pounds, and is a sweet, loving dog.
> >
> > breeding females
> >
> > 1) Lilly $1500.00, producer of champions, available after kindling
> > 2) Vanity $1000.00, champion sired, available after kindling
> > 3) Diva $1500.00, Champion sired Sale pending> > 4) Treasure $1600.00, Champion sired, bred to Ch. Davishall Top Gun
> >
> > breeding males
> >
> > 1) Champion Davishall Top Gun $6000.00, gorgeous dog, great personality
> > 2) Monte Carlo (long coat) $2500.00, lovely tangle free coat, people
> > lover
> >
> > young stock - MALE
> >
> > 1) Maxy $500.00, champion sired, ears not completely up
> > 2) Champ $500.00, champion sired, ears not completely up
> > 3) Tri long coat $1000.00, show prospect, gorgeous markings
> >
> > young stock - FEMALE
> >
> > 1) Davishall Gem $1500.00, microchiped, ready to show
> > 2) fawn and white long coat $1200.00, show prospect, tiny, very nice
> > 3) white with fawn long coat $1200.00, show prospect
> >
> > young stock - UNBORN
> >
> >
> > due July 25-30th $1250.00, show prospects

> > due July 25-30th $1250.00, show prospects

I Do not represent the breeder i happen to share on this site.
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Beautiful dogs, a bit out of my price range though. :wink: $6000 :shock:
a pedigree speaks a thousand words and dollars too. He is a Champion.
I believe some sell show dogs by points they have earned in the ring from what i am told.
When I seen the page I thought he was the most beautiful of adults, I LOVE tri-colors. :D I will never be able to buy a show dog, that's for sure! :lol:
I may have to go rob the piggybank, I'm drooling and I love the fact there is a lot of the davishall breeding in there.
Well, The pups cant be called show they may be from good pedigrees but if they are show prospects doesnt mean when the get older they will be ring material things change. You cannot tell at such a young age.
I know but there is always the possibility. *sigh* I should be rich I guess.
This si the way i look at it with all the vet bills being layed out for chis being produced from these chis being sold by unethical practices. In the long run you are saving by buying a chi with good pedigree
Oh I agree, my only problem is that there was at least one pup I wanted and 2 of the adults which pushed things way over my so-called budget.
lol boy your going for all lol if you want more than one maybe you can make a deal in price doesbt hurt to ask
Diva is sold And Treasure is pending,
The two males are being sold for 500 because the ears havent come up yet they are 5 or 6 months
Kari said:
I LOVE that fawn with white girl!
my favorite too :D
but they are all so cute

kisses nat
i agree with janie maybe she will reduce the pric if you buy more than one as surely she would rather some go together :wave:
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