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My male is about 6 months now and weighs 5 or 6 lbs could I mate him with a 3-4lb female and would she be able to have the pups? I know it sounds dumb but I heard its possible but I want to find out the real answer.
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I think a 3-4 lb female is way too small to be bred. :shock: You should probably do more research on breeding before you consider it, as it is a serious thing to do.
it is possible, but it's always better and safer to breed a smaller male to a bigger female. If I were to breed, I would only breed a female 4 pounds and over to a male of a smaller size. If the male is bigger and the female is really small, there is a good chance of complications. You could lose your female and/or its pups, and that is obviously not worth. Do some research before you breed so that you're prepared for anything that can happen. :wave:
I agree 3-4 pounds shouldnt be bred and you should only breed to a bitch that is larger than the male - I thought you had decided against breeding as previously it was discussed and he doesnt conform to standards (as neither do alot of our dogs :) )
Yeah we had decided not to, but my husband wants to do it, and dont worry I dont have a small female, and I wont put the dogs in any danger, thats just to great a risk to take. Thanks everyone.
Yes, I agree the female would be WAY TOO SMALL, considering that he is not full grown yet.
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