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Bringing home a baby chihuahua

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Hello everyone! So I have a 3 yr old chihuahua and I wanna get another..but I'm afraid my chihuahua 'dottie' won't like her? She hates other dogs I also have a st.bernard mix and she just hates Kim when he gets close! But she has never meet another chihuahua or ever meet a small dog before actually! So will she like another or am I gonna have to pass up the pup and just have Dottie.. :( :confused: :confused:
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If you have a pen it makes it much easier. Put the puppy in the pen and let Dottie get used to her. Most chi's/dogs won't hurt a puppy. May be alot of snarking at the pup, but usually within a week they are OK with each other. Good luck. Sue
I have 15 chis and chi mixes. All of mine get along quite well except my very old man that was neglected and abused before I got him and Deliah who isn't extremely friendly either but does have a few dogs she loves to curl up with. When I get each new one I sit in my computer chair with the new one in my lap until the pack loses interest, about 15 minutes to a half hour. Then I lower the new one for a group sniff for a few seconds then lift it back into my lap. I do this a few times until my dogs lose interest, then I let the new one go. Never had any problems. Chis love other chis and are pack animals. I see them all the time all piled in a bed and grooming each other. I would do the same with a baby, too. Babushka was about 14 weeks old when she was introduced, took a half hour total, then she has always ran with the pack. I never even set up the pen for her. All the other dogs except my old guy and Delilah love her to death.
My Lulu is 4yrs old and has never been around other dogs excepts our Maltese Lacy that we had when we got Lulu. She loved Lacy, but she is not friendly to other dogs or cats (or many other new people coming into our home--we didnt socialize well-our bad. :( ) Anyway, when Lacy died we wanted another Maltese, but I was afraid she would just eat it up. Our wanting another one over-rode my fear, and we got a 9 week old Maltese and brought her home. Lulu snarled and growled and ran and hid. She did not want anything to do with her for about a week or so then she came around. I was very surprised. Now I was very careful not to put our new Gidget in harms way but Lulu only nipped at Gidget if she was truly backed in a corner and then it was only warning nips. Gidget has ALWAYS dealt out far more to Lulu than she got back in return. LOL
Thank you for all the good replies! I brought dot today to meet our new baby chi dottie just didn't even care about her.. She ignored her and kept walking away..but she didn't snarl which is very surprising! For Dottie lol! Anyways I will be getting my baby march 11!!! I just don't want Dottie to get stressed out?...
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