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britney and paris worries!!!!

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hi all this is more of a question type thing i have had britney and paris a week now and i know they are only 9 weeks old but i am real worried when i first got jacob he was tiny and was so obviously a chi as my girls are getting older i am worrying they are not 100%chis they have papers but britney is very big when i got her i thought she was a bit big but not to big to worry about but she seems to big now and paris seems fine maybe a little big but her ears are up but her head isnt appled and chis normally have bigger bolder eyes and neither do i was really hoping to show them but dont think il be able to and i love them to bits and couldnt part with them now here are some pics i know there still babies maybe im worrying to much any advice greatly appreciated!! please be bruttaly honest
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how much do they weigh?

they are cute little girls...
paris weighs about a lb and britney prob nearly about twolb im real worried but as i say i love em to bits so couldnt part with them now its just they cost me so much ££££££££
who did you buy them from? and have you got the actual KC documents through yet or just copies of the parents pedigree's? They could be deer heads, were you thinking of showing them or just pets
Paris looks exactly like ozzy did as a pup same marking and colours and everything, buit 2 pounds at 9 weeks is quite big ozzy was that at 12 weeks and he is now a good 7 pounds :wave: they are so cute though
paris weighs 1lb so i think she will be fine but britney wont seem to leave the biscuit bowl alone!!!!!
They definitely look like chis to me. The larger one does sound like she will be a fairly large adult if the projection chart holds true. The smaller one sounds about right for her age.

Regardless, they are both very cute.
They are both little loves! :) But if your worried you should get advice. Maybe ask a vet if the bigger pup is 100% chi? I wish i could help you. I know you love them and are keeping them, but if you have paid a lot of money you need to make sure you havent been ripped off etc.
I'm not really trying to give advice just an experience we had but, My moms chi Snickers is 5 lbs and he's 8yrs old. We got him early, at 5 weeks. He was super tiny but by his 7th week he just gained a lot and stayed that way, and then very slowly grew a little more. It might just be the way she's growing, she grew a little quick and maybe it'll slow down. I'm not an expert lol. Just figured maybe each chi grows differently. :D
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