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britney bad belly

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hi all just after some advice really britney is doing fine but i was tiggling her belly today and noticed she has a small lump the size of a pea where her cord would of been when she was born is there anything to worry about?
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possible hernia. i'd have the vet check it out, they sometimes need surgery to correct. some go away on their own and others need a belly band to hold it in until it fixes itself. only a vet can determine wht needs to be done for it.
thanks for the info will get her checked she has her jab next week so l get my vet to have a look
I would also say it is a hernia. Depending if its still open or not will determin if your pup needs surgery. If the bump is hard and the vet cannot push it back, then chances are they will leave it because the hernia is probably very tiny and fat has probably plugged up the hole. If they can push it back then chances are they will have to operate.
How old is she? A lot of times they fix hernia's when the pup is getting spayed or neutered.
I agree though you should have a vet look at it, they are the only ones who will know for sure what to do.
Good luck and let us know!
Definately sounds like an umbilical hernia super comon in our little ones. I know you show your dogs, but normally this is corrected during the spay/neuter. If the band therapy doesn't help they may have to tuck the herniation back in and suture it in place while the abdominal muscles grow properly to block the herniation.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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