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Britney sold chihuahua

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A friend of mine said she read in the apaper britney sold a her chihuahua , I looked on google n found an article that she sold lucky her other chihuahua, which i didnt evan now of??

Ditch the hubby mmore like! oW please, I love brit but iM NOT happy! xxx
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Yet another hideous story about her...I'm gonna choose to not believe this one until she mentions it on her Official website or someone else that I trust can confirm whether it's true or not.

....and if it is true, good for the dog that it was biting and snarling at must've sensed a RAT in the house!
"someone else that I trust can confirm "

Not asking you to trust me its just what ive read

stefanie_farrell said:
"someone else that I trust can confirm "

Not asking you to trust me its just what ive read


Sorry, that wasn't directed at was directed at the site. At the Britney forum I go to, no one has made that topic yet.
Soon2bechiowner said:
How can you say that, do you know kevin?
The guy has a nice deep sexy voice but I've been a fan of this woman for 7 years and I'm not gonna Automatically approve of him just because she loves him.
Ow thats fine, ive been a britney fan for years now! shes super! But out of character lately! Have you got any more pics of your chi, I love his/her colour!
Me? Umm, unfortunately I haven't been all crazy taking pictures of her everyday the past several months.

She's a female, her name is Britney (I didn't name her, my brother did!). I'll see what I can get!
I heard that she didn't sell her chi, lucky, she just gave the chi to one of her assistants so she can visit the little one every now and then. personally, if Chico were biting my hubby and he told me to chose either him or the dog...i'd chose the i told my hubby he is easier to replace than my Chico... :lol:
Awwwww chicos man of the house!!! :wink: xxx
look in general chat, there's a topic called one down to to go.
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