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LOL! Yeah, Mandi, I know what you're talking about. We have a few of those here in the South, too!

It would be funny if it weren't so sad. Because these kinds of people are the same folks who tether their dogs outside all the time, in 100 degree weather AND 25 degree weather, who buy a 50 lb bag of the cheapest dog food sold and throw it down outside, slitting it open so the dogs can free feed. The same ones who let their dog's nails grow so long they can't walk properly, whose dogs have never seen the inside of a Vet's office, never gotten a bath, a teeth cleaning, a kind word or a hug. The same folks who will scream "SHADDUP!!!" out the window when their dog is barking from hunger, cold, loneliness, or boredom. Who are just as likely to use their gun to take care of any problems their dogs have. And then who promptly go get another animal, thinking this one will be different.

It won't. It won't if it's treated the same way as the one before. It's the treatment, NOT the dog, that created the problems to begin with. And the saddest part of all, is that some people NEVER figure out that one simple thing. NEVER. So the cycle just continues.

<sigh> Now I've really depressed myself. I think I'll go hug my dogs now.
*hugs* I live in the south so I know what ya'll are talking about... :(
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