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Bump on Dezi's belly

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Hello everyone, my mom had discovered something on Dezi this morning. Its a bump that is on the upper right (Dezi's left) of her genitals. I applied a little pressure on it and it didn't bother Dezi. The first time I saw it, it was pretty big. By the time the picture below was taken, it reduced in size. I hope this is not something serious. She's only 5 weeks old and it's unthinkable that a puppy that young can develop something serious. I wanted to get everyone's opinion first before I take Dezi to a vet this weekend. See pics below.

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I don't really know.

I was thinking maybe a hernia?
Be sure and ask the vet about it. could be a hernia. I noticed it after Dezi was trying to climb out of her carrier because she saw my mom walk in. When my mom picked her up she saw it all swollen up. After a few minutes, it went down. Now its gone!
I hope it;s nothing serious Let us know what the vet says :roll:
I think it is a hernia, my Sully got two hernias when she was 11 months old either side of her bits in both her groins, she had to have an operation to fix it. I would go to the vets. :(
I agree about the hernia. I remember that Luna's sister had one and it looked pretty much the same as far as I remember. operation at 5 weeks old! :( I don't think a puppy this young can tolerate the pain of surgery. I just inspected her belly again and its totally gone like it was never there. I wonder if that developed because I pinned Dezi down a few times because of her nipping. Dezi would kick and fight and struggle to get out of my hold. Now I feel terrible. :cry:
They do disapear as the contents of the stomach go in and out of the hole in the stomach lining.Puppies can get them though they are usually an umbilical hernia, but yours is in the wrong place for that.Sully got hers through jumping.Why dont you get the vet to check it, it can be dangerous for the pup too if you leave it.I hope we are wrong!
Thanks...I am making an appt for her this weekend.
If she isn't allowed outside I'd say probably a hernia other wise I'd say she was bitten by something.

I know my mom's dalmation had a bump like that a week ago on her stomache and it was just a bee sting.
good luck with the vets - keep us updated :wave:
She's not allowed outside at all until she's grown with stronger immunity from the elements, which is after her vaccinations.
Best of luck to little Dezi! :)
Please, keep us posted!
Thanks for all the inputs. I might as well get her a full check-up & dewormed too.
Hi! I just wanted to say I hope this bump is just some weird thing that came and that she's okay. She is sure a cutie. I was also wondering about your avatar. I love that little video. How do I do that?
I immediately thought of a hernia too when I seen it, by I am NOT a vet. Keep us updated! :)
I'll keep y'all updated. I'm more afraid for her going to the doctor because she's still a baby. I'm praying that it's nothing major or at least correctable by some type of meds.

colliechimom, there's different ways of doing it. I used a digital video cam, then I used a program that let me capture certain scenes within the video file. I selected 9 frames from it and sequenced it using another program that saves it as an animated GIF file. I used 2 different programs to make it. I'm sure there are other ways of doing it.
I did not think hernia I thought just muscle......but I suppose a vet might know might want to take your pics in case he doesnt see it.
Thanks....I've noticed today that the bump consistently appears when Dezi is trying to climb out of her carrier. When she wakes up, she wants to be held constantly so she'd make the usual cute whimper that I cannot resist and if I don't get her out, she tries to climb out. When I finally pull her out, the bump appears. Then when I set her on my table or on the floor, the bump goes down and disappears. It's almost like your abdominal muscles bulging as you do abdominal crunches. When you contract it, the muscle tissues shortens and bulges becoming tense. That's the best way I can describe what is happening with Dezi, only she doesn't have a six pack abs. :wink:

Kemo's mamma said:
I did not think hernia I thought just muscle......but I suppose a vet might know might want to take your pics in case he doesnt see it.
It is always a worry if you find something not quite right...I hope its nothing and wish you and Dezi well at the vets.Let us all know what they said. :)
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