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Ok, many of you know that Chico is my first i'm still a newbie at many of their habits. well, i was wondering if any of your chi's burp after eating? chico burps about 2-3 times a day, always after he eats. they're not loud, but you can hear them if he's close to you. i've never had a dog that burps before, so i don't know if it's normal. :?
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Peanut does a funny sound sometimes after he eats and im not sure if its a burp or not but I dont think its really something to worry about. The way he does it and Im not sure if im going to explain it right, but he pushed his head out and does the noise, but after that hes fine.
I believe it is normal (but I might be wrong), my other dog Shrimpy sometimes gets the hiccups at night, and I thought that there was something wrong with him but I was told other wise.

Yeah, Lily always belches after she eats. And then she belches again a few hours later when I pick her up to take her upstairs to bed. :lol:
Phew...ok, nothing to worry about then. i thought he was doing it because of some gastrointestinal problem or something. I guess I just have a burpy boy :lol:
My dog keiki, who lives with my mom burps too.... Only from the opposite end! :laughing5: HAHA!
ilovekeiki said:
My dog keiki, who lives with my mom burps too.... Only from the opposite end! :laughing5: HAHA!
Lily will frequently stick her head back and sniff her own butt so I assume there's some odor emanating from that end. I never smell anything so it must be very mild. Then again, I don't get up close and sniff her butt. :lol:
Angel burps too after eating. Usually it happens when I pick her up afterwards. Kind of like burping a baby. LOL
tyson also burps after eating! haha i still think its funny and hes been doing it since he was a baby lol i never pictured a dog burping lol but i guess its natural for most animals
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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