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Buying a second dog! Advice needed please.

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I've been looking to buy a chihuahua for a while now and have been looking for a puppy... however, i have a 1 year old border x lakeland terrier called jock and someone has suggested it would be better to get a similar aged chi..

What do you all think? is it easier to introduce a young puppy into a house or a similar aged dog to the one you have?

I'm also wondering if i should get a male or female... Jock is neutered so would it make any difference with potential dominance problems?

Any suggestions?!

Claire xx
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Alot of people think if you have a dog it is easier to then get a bitch if they are both neutered due to dominance issues but alot of people have 2 dogs and they dont have any problems :wave:
Also check out this article on introducing 2 dogs
i think it's easier to introduce a puppy :?

kisses nat
yeah me too , older dogs always tend to take to puppys better than bringing in an adult dog.

ours have always been fine when introducing a new puppy . We have had boys 2gether and bitches and boys.
Our dogs have taken really well to tyson and they look after him cos he is so small. our mini schnauzer babysits him!

i am sure they will be fine , good luck x
I'm no pet psychic but I would assume a puppy would be easier to introduce to an older dog that has already found his or her place in the pecking order of the house. Not only would the older dog help teach the puppy with potty training and things like that but the puppy wouldn't be a threat as far as dominance.

Just be sure to give the "old" dog as much love as you give the new dog!
Thank you everyone... think i will go for a puppy....probably female.

Hopefully i'll be able to get one soon, my daughter starts school in sept so will have lots of time to spend helping puppy settle in. I cant wait!! :lol:

love Claire xx
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