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calcium for ears....

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someone gave advise to give calcium in the water to help the ears to stand up. I was wondering where i could find the calcium needed and how much to give! thanks...
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I am not sure but i would just let nature take its course! :)
try dissolvable human calcium and take a little piece of it every day :wave:

kisses nat
Hi Lola,
I would strongly urge you to speak with a vet before supplementing with any vitamins or calcium. Most dog foods are completely balanced and it's not wise to upset the balance without consulting a vet first.
Too much calcium can cause growth retardation, kidney problems, and possibly deficiencies in other minerals like phosphorus, iron, and zinc.

What I did for Willie was use mole foam (for human feet) in his ear that flopped and that worked great for us. I had to tape it several times a day, since he would scratch it off, but it definitely was worth it.
Good Luck with those ears.
P.S. Even if they don't stand your baby will be beautiful! :)
Here is the only baby picture I could find of Willie, and he happens to be wearing his mole foam :D

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Hee hee your doggies bed is very similar to cocos - cool! I noticed you said to watch what vitamins you give your doggie - oh no your making me panic i give coco conditioning tablets - she's fine on them - do you think it could be damaging her health? :cry:
Sorry the pic is so obnoxiously huge, I couldnt crop it from the scan :oops:
Oh NO, I didn't mean to scare you...just think it's always best to ask a vet before supplementing. Sorry if I made you nervous, I don't know anything about conditioning pills...
Marcus got a bit of low fat yogurt every day for the extra calcium and it worked great plus he thought he was getting a real treat. I did this when his ears were first trying to stand and again when he started teething and they got a bit floppy.
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