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Callie fell and is on her way to the Emergency Vet!!!

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OMG! What a day this has been! I hope she is okay!!! :cry: I was on the phone, Callie was walking around and fell off the arm of the sofa. She must have banged her nose on the crate because she has a big knot on the bridge of her nose. She keeps shaking her head and scratching at her ears and her ears aren't standing up anymore. :cry: I'm sooooo worried about her! I hope it is just a bump! What a time we have had with her and it hasn't quite been a week! :cry:
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OMG I sure hope she is okay. Is she just keeping her ears down because she is in pain or are they floppy? I hope she didnt hurt her head or neck.

You have to update us ASAP!! I will keep her in my prayers.

Best wishes,
They are just floppy. That's a bad sign isn't it?
You guys are not going to believe this! First of all she is okay! :D :D :D From looking at her ears the vet said that it is from an allergic reaction to a spider bite or something and that is also what the bump on her nose is! It had nothing to do with her fall! :D :D :D
Poor Callie, she's not having very good luck is she?
nasty spider - glad it was nothing too serious :wave:
hope she recovers well from the bite - stupid spider :x
Thank you guys! :)

Poor little thing. She threw up a couple of times last night. I think it may have been from all that medicine and maybe her tummy was a little empty. I know the vet thought the reaction was from a spider bite but now I'm afraid that it could be from her new antibiotic or cough suppressant that I gave her last night. I gave her the antibiotic around 6 with her dinner and the cough med. around 9:30. She had the reaction around 11 so if it was caused by the med. I'm thinking it would have been the cough med. :?:

The emergency vet gave her a cortisone shot for the reaction and said it would take a while for her ears to stand back up. One of them is up all the way and the other half way this morning. I'm going to call my vet this morning and see what he thinks I need to do about her med.

Thanks for your support. Please keep sending little Callie Bear good thoughts. :)
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ohmygoodness!! i missed this post! i hope callie feels better soon! :)
Wow what a night you had. I sure hipe it wsa just a spider bite and not the meds you gave her for her kennel caugh. Two of my dogs had kennel caught and their meds never did that to them. I am willing to bet it was the spider. How strange! Poor girl. Please update us after you get back from the vet.

Phew I'm sure glad things are OK. I hope Callie feels better soon. Bosco hit his nose really hard on the side of our bed and he walked around for weeks snuffling and is scary because you aren't sure if they can breathe properly or not! :shock:

Anyway I'm glad Callie didn't get hurt from her fall. Hopefully she will be more careful next time!! :)
So glad Callie wasnt hurt from her fall. I hope recovers from the spider bite soon. Damn Spiders.....never have liked em
Poor Callie! :( Bug bites can be nasty sometimes.....Luna got bit by a bee once......she could have been confused for a bulldog from how big her face was. :D

I hope Callie will feel better soon!
Thank you all so much. It really helps to be able to talk about this scary stuff. :)

I talked to my vet's office this morning and they agree with the emergency vet that it was most likely an allergic reaction to a spider bite. They said that would have caused her to throw up last night too. So my instructions from them are to continue the antibiotic and discontinue the cough med. until Monday. That way if it is by chance an allergic reaction to the cough med. I will be able to get her to them instead of the emergency vet.

Thanks again, everyone! :wave:
Poor girl, she's going through a couple tough things at one time. I hope she feels better soon.
What a poor baby, I'm glad she is doing better. How scary it must be for you. You know, just because no matter how much we clean those little spiders can still get in your home and live, you might want to ask the vet if you should keep something on hand in case this happens again.

I hope she continues to get better,
SC, I am sorry you and Callie are having such a hard time. It does sound like she is having a reaction to the medicine. I supposed I should be worried about Dazey's ears because she will be 4 months old November 11th and they still are not standing up! I know they should in order for her to be considered a proper chi but I think she is cute with the tips bent down. She is getting more loveable everyday.
Thank you guys! :wave: Callie and Cody are both doing much better! I feel like we have a handle on things now. I think Callie's left ear is even standing up a tiny bit more. Hopefully it will eventually come all the way back up.

MamaDog I have some children's liquid benedryl on hand for emergencies in the future. I'm supposed to give 1 ml per pound.

Emurr I wouldn't worry about Dazey's ears. I'm pretty sure I read on here that one poster's chis ears did not stand up until 6 months. I'm glad she's getting more loveable. :D
I am sorry I missed this thread. KILL THOSE BAD BAD SPIDERS. I am very glad everythig is ok WHEW!! :wave:
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