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Well I've been in my new home a whole week now and I'm pretty much settled in so I figured its time to start writing about my adventures with my new owner Elizabeth. Shes a nice mommy, gives me lots of hug and kisses but she has this obsession with scaring me when I have a pee. I dunno what the heck she wants. I've got a pretty big house here to play in but mom keeps putting me in this little cave at night. If I cry enough, and loudly enough she'll let me out but then she does this weird thing if putting me down and saying "poteeeey" or something like that. I just wanna play so I get ready for a good game of tag and then she puts me back in the cave! And THEN I get put in there today for a few mins and THAT CAT jumps on top and peers in at me. i think he wants my bone. Anyway today is pretty good, moms all pleased with me. All I had to do was lick some old ladys face at the gas station yesterday and now I can do no wrong! its great!
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