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calling those with more than one dog

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How do you get on taking more than one dog out for a walk, where do yuo get the special lead things from so they are both attached :?:
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its called a "leash coupler", it looks like a "V" and it attaches to their one leash and then the splited leash has those attacher things, and then you attach it to their harness/collar. I see them at petco and petsmart. they are online too :) I hope this is of some help
thanks so much i will take a look :D
no they dont ship to the uk :(
oh sorry. you should try doing a search on the internet, for : leash coupler UK
??? or call around to your pet shops?
couldnt find any on a search for in the uk and now I know why over here they are called brace leads :lol: dont ask me why coupler is alot more obvious as it is for a couple of dogs, us brits just have to be awkward with the english language.............. :lol:
hahaha. . .
I've always wanted to travel Europe.
I probably won't get to until my husband retires though. lol.
clare i'm sure that a uk shop like pets at home will sell a 2-way lead
thank you aemi I will check it out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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