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Can anyone explain this?

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My little snothead stays in her crate while I am at work. I work a long way from home so she is usually in her crate for about 12 hours before I get home to let her out. So I had been putting a chew stick in her cage with her. She also has a bed, her food, and a litter box. Well, I was coming home a finding that after she greeted me, she would go back into her cage, get her brand new chew that she hadn't even touched all day, and go to work on it. It's almost like she thinks she can't have it when I'm not there for some reason. Does anyone know why she would refuse to chew her sticks while I'm not there? Or is she just pouting?

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Alot of dogs wont eat or anything while the owner is the sticks unsupervised, God forbid something happens :(
Tucker will not even eat his dog biscuits if we're not home. If I give him a chewy to keep him occupied while I am out running errands, he just buries it in his blanket until I come home. Then he wants me to sit down with him while he chews it. :shock:
My girls are funny like that too, but like Vic said be careful with the chew sticks they can choke on them.
my pointer used to be like that too.... maybe instead of a chewstick get a kong stuffed with cheez or peanut butter....
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