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Can anyone give me some help?

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I recently breed my chihuahua Sugar to another chihuahua. She should be about one month pregnent if she is. The problem is she is past her palpating dates, and now I'm stumped :? Is there any signs to look for that might indicate she is pregnent? Please help. lol. Thanks.
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did she get bigger ,,,,,?? :D :D ......sorry i'm no expert :wink:

kisses nat
Yikes I am not sure....PM a member named KJsChihuahuas...she is a breeder and will be able to help you.

A vet visit would also help...we just had a chi in at work to check if she was pregnant
Even if she is past her palpate date you can still feel them in there. They feels like round balls. Best bet is the take her to the vet and have them do if you dont know what to look for :)
How many days has gone by since the tie?
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