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Can anyone help me I'm very distressed over this

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If the registration, receipt and paper work are in your name I don't think he could prove the dog is his. Im not familiar w/ the law but I don't think his end would hold up long in court.
:? Who sent you the email? If it was your ex maybe it was just to scare you..if is true and police come knocking at your door..don't panic..the first thing you need to tell them is..HE'S MY DOG AND I GOT THE PAPERS TO PROVE IT! the papers...everything is on your name and shouldn't be a problem..if he takes you to court to fight for custody ( :roll: yes, some losers do this) then just stand your have the papers and a gift is a gift..he willingly gave you the money as a present..the papers will show who really has been taking care of the dog confirming that it was a present to YOU...good luck with this and remember..DON'T PANIC! :wink:
yeah WHO sent that e-mail..........sounds like a ploy to me. He's just ticked off! Why not ask the police, dont wait for them to find you go and ask, flip the table around and file harassment charges
ooo i agree, turn the tables on him! and honey don't worry about it, nemo is yours he is in YOUR namae. worse comes to worse the only thing that could happen is you have to pay the money back to him cause it was money that was transferred and there is proof he gave it, but even still it wasn't a "loan" either so you never signed an agreement to pay him back...
Tell you what, I will guarantee that he won't even call the police. What kind of man calls the police to tell them that his ex-girlfriend is keeping his chihuahua puppy hostage? Even if he does, the money is in your account, the papers are in your name, and he has absolutely no proof of anything. If he willingly deposited the money into your account, then all is said and done.

The only thing he CAN do is try and reverse the funds claiming they were fraudulently deposited (given he didn't deposit cash, he transferred from his bank account). Don't worry, the law is on your side in this case, and I highly doubt he even notified the police, he is simply harassing you. I recommend putting his email address on your blocked sender's list, and notify the police yourself that he is harassing and threatening you and your dog.

Don't worry about custody of the dog, I would worry more about personal safety and harrassment in your case. Stay clear away from this guy, he seems like trouble.

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he doesn't have a thing to stand on!!!! so you really don't have to worry :wink: i'm sorry for your break-up and the ways things are going :cry:

kisses nat
Believe me, your ex doesn't have a claim of any sort. I agree, most likely he is just harassing you. I've been down this road (many years ago) and in my case it wasn't a dog, but my children. My ex really didn't want the children, just to cause me heartache and problems. I'm basically an easy going person, but he found out quickly he couldn't push me around. Stand your ground, and stay well clear of him. Don't let him think he is frightening you, and he will likely let it go. Best of luck.
If anything does happen you could always got to CAB(uk ) they are free and give good advice.
Arrrgghhhh! :shock:
Reading this is like hearing of one of my greatest fears happening to someone else. I am so afraid of splitting with hubby and him trying to take Frasier.

I think you're safe - everything in your name and all. This is what I have done - all receipts, AKC registration, vet bills, everything all in my name.

So logically you know he has no legal grounds, but I understand you're still laying awake worrying. I think what everyone else said is right. He's just tormenting you. Hopefully he's got a short attention span or he'll back down when you stand up to him.

Sorry you are having such a horrid time. Please keep us updated.
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