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Hey ladies I saw this in the Express , under "Baggage Check"and I had to laugh because I DO all this stuff for my dog!!!! :wave: :wink: :D

My sister-in-law treats her dog like it’s truly a member of the family.
She celebrates it’s birthday, signs it’s name on cards, dresses it up for Halloween and sends pictures , etc.
She’s nice and all , but honestly, is this normal?- NOT A DOG PERSON, D.C.

Andrea Bonior: Are organic doggie desserts normal? What about doggie daycare?
One person’s ideas of necessary pet care might make another person get out the net- for both the dog and the owner. But to your sister -in-law, the dog really is part of her family.
As long as she doesn’t put it on her mortgage or register it for wedding china, it’s much better to be a loving pet owner than a neglectful one.
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