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CANADIAN Online boutiques...HELP!

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HI Everyone, hoping you guys can help out!

Where I live we have very limited access to nice dog boutiques and most of the dog clothes you can actually find here, are huge (even the supposed "xs"). Hibou is currently 3lbs and very lean. I am estimating her to be around 4-4 1/2lbs fully grown.

I love the brands Hip Doggie and I See Spot, etc. Anything that has WELL fitting clothing, especially for tiny dogs.

If anyone knows of any online Canadian stores where I can order some nice clothes for my little girl, it would be VERY appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Also willing to buy from any of YOU who have clothes for sale with reasonable shipping charges :)
Hi, can u get Puppy Angel? Maybe on the net. Poppy is a Medium in their range & she is usually a small or even extra small so their range must be tiny.
When I first got Jaxx some of the lovely people here was kind enough to suggest Handmade Pet Clothing on Etsy - Animal costumes, dresses, hats, sweaters
I went and checked and the sellers that I have previously bought from also ship to Canada. There are some wonderful items there and the items that I have bought from there were great quality.
I hope that you find some wonderful items! I know exactly what you are going through I have had a rough time finding clothes for my Jaxx he weighs 3 pounds and the clothes around here in the stores are either too big or too long for him.
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