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Can't believe my emotions

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Friday went in for her spay this morning and I am a wreck! I knew I would be nervous and worried about her, but I cried after I left the hospital and now I can't seem to get my mind off of it. They called me about an hour ago to tell me that they hadn't done the procedure yet, but that she was doing fine in her cage. So then I got this visual of her being so sad in a cage wondering why her mommy left her.

Please tell me that you all got emotional too and that I did the right thing. My heart kind of aches... :(

I was so worried about her having separation anxiety but it looks like I'm the one!
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LOL I think we're all that way.

The day Cooper was neutered, I paced and talked like a crazy person (to myself). I drove OmaKitty crazy!! When I picked up Cooper at the vet's office, he looked at me like "what's your problem?"

He did the same thing with his knee surgery. I was a bit more frantic and crazy.

He's having another knee surgery in the next month or so... I'll probably have to sign myself into the local looney bin for the day.
Yes me too, on any operation!
See? I know it's just a spay and a lot of you have had to go through much more serious situations. I don't know why I am so emotional!
Totally understand and i hope all goes well.. i get like that when i have to leave him in the cage for an hour or so!!! x
I was a wreck when Bandit was neutered and when he had his knee surgery, so yes it happens to all of us b/c we love our babies so much!
I also understand how you feel , it's because you love her so much and everyone here knows how you feel , bless her ...

Sara xx
My advice... like it'll help or something :D ... get up and do something. If you're at work, do whatever it is that you keep putting off because it's going to be tedious. If you're at home, try cleaning (yeah, I'm funny) or yardwork (oh, I'm funny again) or something that will make your mind have to focus on the task at hand.

Disclaimer: This advice was courtesy of the woman that tries it every time and it always fails. I do have a clean house the day after surgery though. :D
Cooper said:
Disclaimer: This advice was courtesy of the woman that tries it every time and it always fails. I do have a clean house the day after surgery though. :D
LOL. Okay, that made me laugh. Thanks. I'm at work and I keep shuffling papers around. I can't seem to concentrate on anything AND I have to work tonight also. I think that part will be okay because I know she needs as little activity as possible when she gets home and she sleeps if she's alone (vs always trying to jump on the bed or running around after me).

Thank you all so much for the support. I have been so busy lately (took on a second job) and haven't been visiting the site as much. This morning I felt so alone with no one to talk to because not everyone understands (my co-workers think I'm nuts - with the exception of my boss who is letting me go home early to spend time with Friday before I have to go to my other job). Having you all to talk to is such a blessing to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Believe me, you are not alone and you are not nuts! I think we've all gone through similar feelings and situations at one time or another.

Hope everything is going well. Give us an update when you can.
If you're nuts, then we're all nuts right along with you. :lol: Lily's had 3 surgeries since I've had her and believe me, they don't get any easier. Especially now that she's been diagnosed with a heart murmur, I'm a complete basket case when she goes under anesthesia.

I'm sure it's much worse on us than on them. At least they don't sit there and count the minutes like we do. :lol:
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