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well it seems as though you've solved your problems, but to clarify about Care Credit

1. What is it and does it apply to only animals? Interest free (for a period depending on your plan) credit to use towards animal health care.

2. Would I be able to apply or should my parents?
Anyone can apply, but the better your credit, the greater the credit line.

3. Where could we apply for Care Credit?
Any animal hospital can pre-approve you, or I believe you can contact them directly.

4. When will I know if I am approved?
It only takes minutes to be approved for a line of credit, and can be done while you wait at the animal hospital.

5. Would I be able to use it once approved?
You can use CareCredit immediately.

Be careful and read all the fine print, and make sure you choose a plan and line of credit that meets your needs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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