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We make these our selfs at our shelter to send home with people who adopt from us. We have this one that we would like to give somone a chance on here to buy one.

It Includes: Doggy Clean Up Bags Fregranced 50 In the Bag, Home Fogger Kills Fleas And Ticks and Flear Eggs 3 Pack, Groomers Cologne its a 8 in1 smells wonderful, 2 Colars one green one red both can go bigger or smaller they fit baby fine on the smallest also a TINY TINY colar for one tiny chihuahua with a bell made for a boy. 2 weighting scales the smaller one weights up to 16oz and 500g the bigger one weights up to 5lbs and 200kgs, Also 2 Flea colars lasts up to 90 days.And an Elastic leash thats unbreakable.And a groomers brush.

Price is $20.00 Plus Shipping and Handling.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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